Risk & Crisis Management

The decisions made during the first 24 to 48 hours of an incident have far-reaching consequences, some of which are unforeseen. Our team stands ready 24/7 to help our clients, whether individuals, boards or companies, navigate those initial, crucial hours. With a rapid assessment of the client and the industry, we quickly and discreetly identify issues and work to diffuse litigation and reputational risk. Our services include providing guidance on reputation management, managing public perception, responding to government outreach and/or investigations, or conducting internal investigations as needed. While navigating the immediate incident, we work with clients to develop controls designed to prevent reoccurrence. We have handled crises including the ramification from natural disasters, cybersecurity attacks, securities fraud, talent management issues and financial malfeasance. We are also positioned to help businesses identify isolated or systemic risk before it reaches crisis levels. We partner with industry- leading crisis communications firms to assist with related internal and external communications.